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I’m a digital designer living in London and currently working at The Walt Disney Company as Senior Digital Designer.

I’ve got over 13 years experience in digital design, working across a range of projects from large scale sites to smaller campaigns and online advertising. I also have a first class BA (Hons) degree in Multimedia Design from Northumbria University, Newcastle.

In recent years I’ve specialised in digital design for the entertainment industry, which includes user interface design and visual identity across brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Sony Music Entertainment, Nickelodeon, BBC Worldwide, Stage Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Cameron Mackintosh.

If you'd like to get in touch please e-mail me or message me via LinkedIn.

Nick Jr. Leap
Nick Jr. Leap

The Brief

Nick Jr. Leap is a fun, online world created to develop children's mathematic, problem-solving and language skills. Free to play, the gaming app was designed in line with the 2014 Early Years Foundation Framework.

To personalise kids' experiences, they can select their very own Nick Jr. Leap friend, an avatar who will accompany them on their journey and reward them with gameplay and animation as they complete tasks and move up a level. Each of the Nick Jr. Leap friends have been designed to represent movement.

Nick Jr. Leap was mominated for 'Game with a Purpose' at the TIGA Games Industry Awards.

Nick Jr. Leap Friends Nick Jr. Leap Homepage

Interactive Worlds

Designed for children aged between two and seven-years-old, parents can create accounts for their children to tailor the site experience. Players can explore three worlds introduced by favourite Nick Jr. characters such as Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.

Nick Jr. Leap gives younger children the opportunity to co-play with an adult or older sibling, as well as allowing independent play for older children. Grown-ups can keep track of children's progress in the 'Grown Ups' area and help them reach new levels. Nick Jr. Leap is mobile responsive, so it can be played anywhere.

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