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I’m a digital designer living in London and currently working at The Walt Disney Company as Senior Digital Designer.

I’ve got over 13 years experience in digital design, working across a range of projects from large scale sites to smaller campaigns and online advertising. I also have a first class BA (Hons) degree in Multimedia Design from Northumbria University, Newcastle.

In recent years I’ve specialised in digital design for the entertainment industry, which includes user interface design and visual identity across brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Sony Music Entertainment, Nickelodeon, BBC Worldwide, Stage Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Cameron Mackintosh.

If you'd like to get in touch please e-mail me or message me via LinkedIn.

SpongeBob QuestPants
SpongeBob QuestPants

The Brief

Design and produce an in-depth game around Nickelodeon UK's number one programme and one of the most loved animated TV characters - SpongeBob SquarePants.

Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices, SpongeBob QuestPants is Nickelodeon UK's most extensive game series, giving fans the opportunity to explore multiple locations within SpongeBob's world and interact with characters from across Bikini Bottom in a new, more interactive and immersive level.

In the first edition of the game 'The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch' fans help SpongeBob on his mission to find the lost treasure of Dead Eye Gulch in order to save the Krusty Krab and the secret Krabby Patty recipe, all before Plankton gets his hands on them.

SpongeBob QuestPants: The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch Fans can interact with the residents of Bikini Bottom

Explore Bikini Bottom

Players can explore different locations in Bikini Bottom from the Jellyfish Fields, to Goo Lagoon and the Dead Eye Gulch mine. In the race to find the treasure, players must battle against jellyfish as well as Plankton and his team of evil robots.

Bikini Bottom Interior shot of SpongeBob's House Jellyfish Fields Dead Eye Gulch Cave action shot

SpongeBob's Brain

As they navigate through Bikini Bottom, players can collect character profiles on the 28 Bikini Bottom residents that they meet throughout the game. They can also discover 'Bikini Booty' - fun facts about the show and store them inside SpongeBob's brain. To enhance gameplay experience, there are four weapons available to players and weapon upgrades can be unlocked using special codes which will be revealed on-air on Nicktoons.

Following 'The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch', additional games and features will be released as part of the SpongeBob QuestPants series throughout year, featuring over 85 interactive characters by the end of 2015. Characters will range from the main SpongeBob SquarePants cast to those that have only appeared in one episode of the show.

SpongeBob QuestPants has been developed by Nickelodeon UK and digital agency Fish in a Bottle.

Weapons & Items Characters Bikini Booty